Innov8 Labs

Imagine. Code. Print.

EduLift Innov8 Lab is one of its kind leading 3D printing technology at the grass root level to inculcate experiential learning in schools. We at EduLift have designed a 3D printing curriculum for 3rd - 12th standard in sync with the CBSE, ICSE and IB curriculum to maximize the development of 3D skill with a proper classroom integration of various subjects being taught to them. ● Students group : Classes 3rd- 12th ○ 3rd – 5th : Weekly classes, defined curriculum for all classes with a 4 year plan ○ 6th – 9th : Weekly classes, defined curriculum for all classes with a 4 year plan ○ 10th – 12th: Quarterly workshops with focused approach on careers

  • 3D Software - The students are introduced to the 3D modelling software where they bring their imaginations into reality.
  • Experimentation - Our model encourages innovation by making students design models for a range of applications
  • Projects - The course concludes with the students submitting an advanced final project individually mentored by the trainers.
  • Feedback Reports - The students are provided monthly progress reports to allow the trainers and students to focus on the required areas
  • Certification - On successful completion, every student is entitled to a course accomplishment certificate authorized by 3Dexter
  • Creative learning & Problem-Solving skills - Our Model aims at enhancing creative and problem-solving skills through an iterative and interactive process of software and hardware training
  • Subject Integration - The focus is to integrate this technology with the subjects (Maths, Science, Social Studies, English) through physical integration using 3D printed models
    Value to students
  • Creativity through focused software sessions and quarterly projects
  • Academic Enhancement by creating an experimental learning environment using 3D objects
  • Learning through different software
  • Tool for innovation, create your imagination into reality
    Value to school
  • Revolutionizing the classroom
  • Combination of Animation, Robotics & 3D technology
  • A curriculum in sync with CBSE, ICSE and IB Board
  • School Branding
  • A progressive curriculum for classes 3rd to 9th

With the help of 3D technology, I can now create my own printer

Rahul Sharma, Student- class 9

Now I don’t need to visit market for my project work

Pooja Singh, Student- class 7

Image. Code. Print.